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VA - Still Fresh Vol 2 (2011)

Fresh as always, SpinTwist founder Vaishiyas and label DJ Intellifex are back for the final breakout of the outdoor season and present the second part of their mutual compilation series. The term 'fresh' does not mean anything like chilly in this respect. Just like the current season, all the previously unreleased tracks included in the available selection distinguish themselves by a cheerful, life-affirming warmth. Lively Progressive grooves, vivacious rhythms and summer sound colours create an entertaining flow and inevitably give rise to the idea of a sunlit open air dance floor. Probably the best place to play this music and a place where the experience of Still Fresh can even turn into a literally hot one!

Artist: VA
Title: Still Fresh Vol 2
Label: Spin Twist Rec
Catalog: SPN1CD041
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Progresive Trance
Medium: CDDA
Type: Compilation
Tracks: 10
Date: Jul-28-2011
Play Time: 82:47 min


01. Sideform - Still Fresh [08:14]
02. Audiomatic - Floorward [06:05]
03. Dj Fabio and Moon - Nice Day [06:09]
04. Vaishiyas - Osc On [05:54]
05. Interactive Noise - Learning To Fly [07:06]
06. Audiomatic - Windows Of Our Soul (Krama Rmx) [06:58]
07. Phaxe - Twist N Spin [07:11]
08. Vertex - Audioslave [07:49]
09. Kularis - Fe Natural [07:56]
10. Jiser - I Don't Want [07:31]


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