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VA - Libido Vol. 1 (2011)

Ok back to work, after the latest hot impact from Niko S Echo debut album Phoenix Groove is here once more to rock the cores! It was only going to be a matter of time to gather the latest studio works from some usual and new coming suspects. A 9 track compilation that gives you only bright new things. Ripping and striping down heavy base lines. Twisting around with some bleep fx, along with ethereal vocals and shifting pads. Starting with Niko S Echo - Drive. This track is an incredible unique journey, with a memorable guitar riff to die for. Followed by the clean and steady calmness of Aquafeel's remix. Passing to the playfulness and kinky funk remix on Symphonix's System Float from Hi Profile. Moving into the electric, almost voodoo clap rhythm hypnotism of Sensogram's - DNA, through the mumbling vocal fx that's pinching Mr Suspects - One, strictly as a dance floor hit. Don't get comfortable we are still in the middle. Hi Profile's shape shifting originalities are here once more with an air of surrealism in this mellow track that can only be followed from Aviron's and Eniak absolutely itchy rhythm. Things are getting even tripper close to the end presenting Illegal Substance's killer arrangement. Clipped and witty, it holds your attention to a maximal peak. We couldn't think a better way to close this fine installation with a rocking duo. A head rush of plucked leads, that chained perfectly with some laid back atmospheres and inimitable bounce that can only be found from Bounce and Audio Control. To sum up if you are seeking some original kicks, blended with emotional progressive trance, then this VA is your salvation. Forget the copy paste recipes, this work for sure will strike dance floor ears. Just embrace.

Artist: VA
Title: Libido Vol. 1
Label: Pheonix Groove Records
Genre: Progressive
Date: May 2011
Catalog: PGR1CD004
Tracks: 09


01. Niko S Echo - Drive [6:57]
02. Hi Profile - Run (Aquafeel rmx) [8:19]
03. Symphonix - System Float (Hi Profile rmx) [7:58]
04. Sensogram - Dna [8:27]
05. Mr.Suspect - One [9:13]
06. Hi Profile - Progreeceve [8:52]
07. Aviron & Entak - In the crowed [7:43]
08. Illegal Substances - Just do it [7:13]
09. Bounce vs. Audio Control - Smart Move [7:53]


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