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Aerospace Re Entry - The Remixes 2011

Digital Nature Records is very proud to launch Aerospace - Re Entry The Remixes. Following the successful release of the original dance floor breaker track in 2010, a score of high quality remixes have been assembled and ready to hit the scene, to do some dancefloor breaking of their own.
The original track was received with amazing worldwide response when it was released in September of 2010 and has made its way to sets from most of the world's top progressive djs, which resulted in numerous requests for remixes from many producers. Easy to say that this is the first batch of remixes for Re Entry and that some more will follow
The remixers are Mindwave, Solaris Vibe, Timeless, Day Dream, Tor.Ma, Funk Truck, Pop Art (Indra's new solo progressive project), Audio Control (the progressive project from Digital Tribe) and a special version of the track as performed live in Aerospace's sets.
Aerospace (Guy Youngman) is one the world's leading progressive trance musicians, a dj and producer since 1998. Since the Aerospace project began in 2005 it has produced four albums (Earth, Elevation, Reformed and Stereo Flip), dozens of releases for compilations on most leading trance labels including Iboga, Spintwist, Blue Tunes, Iono, and many more, performances on most of the world's top psy trance festivals and numerous parties in Israel and Europe and South America.

Artist: Aerospace
Title: Re Entry (The Remixes)
Type: Album
Label: Digital Nature
Genre: Progressive Psy, Psytrance
Catalog: DNDI029
Date: April 2011

1. Aerospace – Re Entry (Pop Art Remix) 8:07
2. Aerospace – Re Entry (Day Dream Remix) 8:37
3. Aerospace – Re Entry (Solaris Vibe Remix) 7:00
4. Aerospace – Re Entry (Audio Control Remix) 8:40
5. Aerospace – Re Entry (Timeless Remix) 7:56
6. Aerospace – Re Entry (Mindwave Remix) 8:12
7. Aerospace – Re Entry (Funk Truck Remix) 6:54
8. Aerospace – Re Entry (Tor.Ma Remix) 5:44
9. Aerospace – Re Entry (Live Mix) 8:21


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