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Looking for Organic soft cotton clothes? Eco Baby Tico is the right option for you
Wednesday, 04 April 2018

When my children were babies they loved to snuggle in their hooded baby blanket. I think the extra warm of the hood and the soft terry fabric was so cozy for them that they just wanted to sleep on it.

Because of the sensitive skin of our babies, it is necessary that we consider organic soft hooded blankets for them. At Eco Baby Tico we have beautiful patterned infant blankets that will not harm your child’s skin.

In Eco Baby Tico I make sure that products that enter my store are made of the best quality, the best materials, and follow the best practices ethically speaking. All the clothes from the store are designed keeping the delicacy of baby’s skin in mind. The clothes available at Eco Baby Tico are singular for providing an ultimate comfort to our babies and these clothes are available at the most modest prices. The skin of babies and young children has little tolerance for artificial fibers, perfumes, and chemicals; ingredients that have an irritant effect on their little bodies. Eco Baby Tico is pride of “thinking green”which means they we don’t use any kind of artificial ingredients in our clothes. We feature a sub-category of reduce-reuse-recycle under which we are going to start a program of second-hand shop for clothing. The baby bodysuits available at Eco Baby Tico are printed with charming prints like ABC, cute animals and other themes, all 100% organic cotton.

The foundation of Eco Baby Tico is based upon loving and caring all the natural resources that are available on the planet. We are well aware of the eco fashion phenomenon which uses a way of less wasting along with fabric recycling. And after being acknowledged with this concept I came up with the idea of creating Eco Baby Tico where we sell a collection of organic cotton baby clothes. All the brands carried by Eco Baby Tico are European lines straightaway from the farming, manufacturing and supply of cotton. This ensures a process which is chemical free, healthy for farmers along with being gentle on children’s skins.

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