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ICON Yachts || How Tom Van Dam Made Efforts to Save ICON Yachts
Wednesday, 04 April 2018

When a business or an establishment falls down, people start blaming the foundation but no one considers the circumstances and look into the complete picture. This is exactly what happened with the ICON Yachts and Ton Van Dam. In early 2014, the company went bankrupt and all fingers were pointed to the company’s owner Ton Van Dam.

Let’s understand the backgrounds first to see the whole story transparently. ICON Yachts is a leading shipbuilding company that has been the part of the industry for a long time and before falling on knees in 2014 the company was doing great. The name behind this venture is Ton Van Dam who made this company a leading name in the industry. He is an investor and owner of the ICON Yachts.

In people and media’s perspective, Ton Van Dam wasn’t able to manage the company and thus the company fell off. He is still the owner and people are raising the question of his designation. Well, people need to see a different picture here. First of all, it was the uncertain market consolidations and drought business orders that lead to the failure of the company.

Ton Van Dam has openly said that there was no order coming their way and there was no way to survive with no work done. For two years, ICON Yachts didn’t have a single order which is a bizarre thing to hear. The best thing that could be done in the company’s favor was to let it go bankrupt and start thing from the scratch. Any person having a sense of business and economics will know that there wasn’t any other way to take out the company from such situations.

Ton Van Dam did the best possible deal and people should not raise a figure at his capabilities. In fact, he was the one who bought the company back with his other investor friends and saved the legacy of the name ICON Yachts. He thinks there is potential in the company and things can work better with time and he will be able to make things better than before. This is something that needs courage and confidence. He is an investor of his kind and if he thinks he can make ICON Yachts a big brand again, then just wait and watch, he will do so.

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